Where are we Now?

We are at a bottleneck moment n human history, where too many of us are trying to fit within the next time window of 30 years – the time when it will ever make sense or not….

It is the characteristic of ‘worm holes’ as depicted by Kip Thorne that they take a fantastic amount of energy to hold open.

The window that I suggest is being held open these next thirty years which may make the future possible is the economic cycle, which as it is does not make sense and would implode without intervention. I suggest this fiction is deliberately maintained and bequeathed to the future over thirty years of mutual adjustment and the evolution of new currencies.

This is the essential task of COP 26, the at least tacit recognition of a mutual predicament and a global solution. However the agenda designed to be implemented over 30 years may yet be imperceptible by many members of our communities who will be brought up with an expectation that things could not have been otherwise.

And a bi product of all this ferment of activity could be the birth of a new health record currency which would enable aid donors and individuals to circumvent governments for their target populations and make care directly accessible to the masses.

Gaia heal thyself, there’s yet time

May the younger generation catch hold of the flame

the “party” has already begun.