This image from my notebook in 1977 summarises the concepts, and although the image is old and tattered I will explain the concepts using it rather than make a new one. However an image of the cosmological concept of a ‘wormhole’ is a good metaphor for the transformation that I envisaged then, and is apt just now in May ’21 too.

The Eye of the Needle

“The Eye of the Needle” refers to a period of time, the next thirty years or so, which is the narrow time gap the human race has to get through to survive. We approach this time from a hundred thousand years away – or however long the latest estimate of the age of our species is. It’s taken that long to evolve us, distribute us over the world, have us mess it up in the sense of use up its resources and pollute it. If we hit it just right we could get through, but not as we are going, virus or no virus.

The different human conditions or ‘cultures’ are represented as ‘strands’ in the illustration above, given “goals” for this demonstration. The idea here is that each cultural and sovereign group has a goal or planned trajectory that would make it carbon neutral and viable over the next thirty years. These cultural groupings may need adjusting where they at present conflict with national and political boundaries. Brexit may be considered the result of such a late and recent adjustment. Each group must authentically represented its client populations, and there is some way to go before political and economic boundaries are re drawn to permit this. In fact, old political squabbles may become irrelevant as the future takes hold.

Coming as they do from different time warps not to mention different locations, the defacto reality is that we are all compacted together ‘at the same time’ on planet earth but have yet to fully awaken to this new reality. A ‘Celebration’ party would formalise this new reality and kick start a new world order. It could also be a sneaky way to implement the 2015 commitment to ‘end global poverty by 2030’.

The ‘Celebration’ is an idea like a meme that might take hold on the youngest generations coming on stream. They would need drive it, over a few few generations, and overturn the strategies of their own ascending generations to maintain the status quo. There is a very real sense in which the Corona virus pandemic of 2020 has done that for them, for us, and at a stroke has destroyed the institutional structures of the previous status quo. However the’ meme’ of a global celebration must take hold really soon if it is to do its work in time. The work it must do is to substitute for exploitation of the material environment as the main driver for global economies in the short to medium term.

The way to engage the ascendant generations is to make a promise: ‘all the seed gets through’, which is the assurance that their group members can indeed expect to be able to reproduce their kind in the post celebration world. The entire genetic stock of humanity in all its diversity must carry forward into the post ‘celebration’ worlds and beyond. We cannot afford as a species to lose any of it.