. This diagram is taken from my notebook entry in early Arpil 1977. The context for it was that I had just finished reviewing Paul Bouissac’s book ‘Circus and Culture’ for ‘Semiotica’ magazine run by Thomas Sebiok of Indiana University. (insert link) This was my major statement on uniting Natural and Social Science, Universal Template theory as mediated through the accounts of the circus put together by Paul Bouissac who I had met at the conference on Humour and Laughter in Wales. After the review, which I titled ‘the Melody of the Text’, I went on to look at the text fragments in the video tape I had taken of two people chatting in 1976. This half hour long conversation recorded on 4 head videotape with acoustic and movement paramaters recorded in hard copy down do 1/10 second detail was my principal research datum. I was annalysing fragments from it in ultimate detail by a technique I called the ‘temporal microscope’, although I did not invent that term. There will be a link to this work later on as my project unfolds. All my papers on the topic at that time were entitled ‘the melody of the text’, because the kinesic and vocal movement trajectories were so prominent in the data. They were indeed intertwined melodies.

After I had finished Paul’s review (see link) I kept going on the problem which had inspired me to ‘go for the big one’, the search for organic basis of brain and behaviour. It seemed urgent to have a general theory. I wanted to ‘get there’ in one shot by staring out the faces on the video. This was a kind of ‘mission impossible’. .I thought it worth trying because of the impending global ecological and population catastrophe which was so clearly predicted from the exponential graphs visible even then back in the 1960s and 1970s.

“The Species pick up its ears”

What to do? The likely trajectory of human population seen from 1977

I drew out these graphs after I had finished Paul’s review, to demonstrate the need for some sort of technological and social revolution if those graphs were to flatten off without catastrophe. I foresaw three scenarios from a 1977 perspective.

The first was the ‘do nothing’ solution, which I though would lead to Mega death followed most likely by nuclear warfare, and then the dwindling of our species and its populations to a pathetic remnant.

The second scenario I foresaw was Mega death again but then some sort of wound bringing the realisation that there would have to be a technological and social revolution to keep the curve flat and stable, but this achieved under duress with great suffering.

The final scenario was a pre emptive scenario and suggested that somehow population and resource management strategies could result in a technological and social revolution that manages to flatten the graph to a steady state and with a much reduced wound to humanity. Also there is the promise made to the young people that and all the seed gets through in all its diversity.

I think we have leap frogged to scenario 2 with the present epidemic and the damage it has done to what was evidently a fragile global economy. I suggest that this is the wound which should make us proceed without delay now to The Computation and Celebration.